Kindergarten Graduation!

Mrshansen13256514_10153543006101301_3947184679618950752_nLittle Ms. Ciara has graduated Kindergarten. She is one of the youngest in her class but she is right where she needs to be. Her Teacher Mrs. Hansen is just super nice. We love her, she helped Ciara fit right in since we moved in the middle of the school year. She also made lots of new friends at this new school including Hazel, Marie, Ashely and Jimmer.13245493_10153543005646301_6484598312559885963_n



Her favorite thing to do for fun is playing on the monkey bars, riding your bike, and be outside. She likes writing her letters and she likes to read from the library. Her favorite subject she learned this year was about earth science, like rocks and plants and trees. Her favorite color is pink, blue and purple. Her favorite song is “Better when I’m dancing” by Meghan Trainer. Her favorite show is Johnny Test on Netflix.


H13237831_10153543004801301_1730165571282291402_ner graduation performance was great, she sang about the days of the week, the month names and knowing how special and great she is. Afterwards Ben and I and Curtis took her our to Dennys where she ate pizza and ice cream.


The Baby Turns 3!

13100726_10207366852062910_733674598254807933_nCurtis turned 3! Yes we still call him the baby. Yes he most of the time wears diapers. But hey, he is my baby! He insisted on having a pirate birthd13103556_10207366867263290_3217586176318690261_nay this year. I blame this on us riding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland in Jan like 5 times. We also ate at the restaurant inside the ride.  Since then he is obsessed with Pirates and Disney Infinity (video game).13103412_10207366860223114_5848740218906430369_n


Curtis turned 3!Yes we still call him the baby. Yes he most of the time wears diapers. But hey, he is my baby! He insisted on having a pirate birthday this year. I blame this on us riding the Pirates of the Caribbea13102759_10207366845942757_2882177367944657710_nnride at Disneyland in Jan like 5 times. We also ate at the restaurant inside the ride.  Since then he is obsessed with Pirates and Disney Infinity (video game).


13151647_10207366848182813_8204120627489685421_nWe dressed up and it was so much fun! We invited all ourfamily over. We had a beach photo poster and a mini pirate photo booth for the kids. Everyone got a sword, eye patch, bag for candy and a little eye spy glass.I13100733_10207366885423744_5085507038132134356_n made a little obstacle course in our garage (it was pouring rain) that included a plank over the ocean (a tarp), hot lava that you had to jump on the bricks to avoid and a sand box to dig for treasure. Curtis loved the plank!

We had our first piñata! I let Curtis help me fill it with candy. He put 3 bags in and loved doing it. He would count each piece. We showed him a video of others breaking open pinatas so he wouldn’t get mad since he put in so much work filling it up.

Curtis picked out his own cake this year as well. He was certain he wanted pirates but not the disney ones. Just nasty ol pirates. He also loves super heros.


Next came presents. Almost everyone got him disney infinity characters to go with his favorite past time. He also got super hero figures, spiderman hat and a new bike! He learned to ride it only one week later. Still needs practice though.

Spring starting to spring

Caleb went out fishing with Grandpa for the morning, so the rest of us decided that we would go out for a day adventure given the fact that it was semi-nice outside. We went to the zoo and rode the train and the carousel.

Sara tripled Ben’s steps for the day especially after dropping by Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Midway. She climbed all of the steps at The Crater, the hot-springs at the Homestead, 5 times (all 78 of them! Thats 390 stairs!)


She is doing so great on her diet! Way to go Sara!

Grow’n up

I can’t believe how much Curtis is growing up. He often takes the time to explain things to me with his limited speech. It amuses me to no end when I know he knows what he is saying but he can’t yet quite communicate it.

Sara called me today to tell me that Curtis used the potty all morning. I’m super proud of him.

At Disney Land, Curtis was explaining to me how the story book ride works. He said:

That shark eat that boat and it go in the tunnel!

It was so funny because it was actually Monstro the Whale but Curtis didn’t know that and to him it was a shark.

He is so much fun!

Kids Escape

After staying the night with Grandma in Heber the kids were disappointed that we did not stay in a hotel. They didnt get to do anything we told them we would and now they have two parents that couldn’t take them out. I asked Lori to take them to the ice castles.
This was so great for the kids! Caleb really liked the ice slide. Ciara had just watched her new favorite movie Frozen. I had joked before they went that maybe there would be a ice princess in the ice castle. Well… there were. The frozen princesses were there! Ciara was so happy! She wouldn’t leave their sight. Thats all she talked about all day. Im so glad my kids got something fun out of this weekend.
We are hoping for a better rest of the year. Maybe this will start it? More laughter, more fun, more happiness!


Kidney Stones

Our family has had such a rough time recently Ben and I decided we would take some money and take the kids to Vernal. We would go to DinosaurLand and stay in hotel. We bought all new swimsuits for the kids so they could swim in the hotel pool. We bought snacks for the drive up there. We packed up really good. Uncle Aaron was going to join us. We picked him up and after dinner in Heber we started up the hill to Vernal. Five minuets into our snowy drive Ben starts screaming in pain. He has been having bladder problems for a little while and had gone into the doctor that morning. They were going to have a ultrasound done on Monday but it didnt seem serious. This was serious. 
My husband has had health problems his whole life. His pain tolerance is the highest I know in a person. But this man was screaming in pain. I could not turn around because it was dark and snowy. I had to wait until we got to the top of the hill to turn around and take him to the ER. Our kids were very quiet, they had never heard their Dad so miserable. He was trying to keep his screams to himself. The pain was so bad he threw up in our snack bag…. twice.
When we reached the ER I dropped him off with Aaron. I had to find a solution for the kids. I cant carry them myself since I still cant walk. I called up my mother in law who lives in Midway and asked if she could watch them. She said of course. So the kids were taken care of now for my husband. I drove the very snowy road back to the ER where Ben was miserable. After watching him pace around crying out they finally gave him some pain killers. He settled down for a while but it the pain started up again. I had never seen him in so much pain. They gave him another dose and I took Aaron home. 
We were in the ER until midnight. He had a ct scan done and it showed a 3mm kidney stone in his bladder. They gave him pain killers and told him it should pass in the next few days. You just have to bare the pain. The pain killers help but not all the way. 
At this point the snow was really deep. We drove to my mother in laws house and stayed the night. Vacation is off. I am so thankful for my mother in law. She saved us. I dont know what I would have done without her.

Curtis Almost Walking

I have not been able to walk the whole month of January but Curtis is so determined to for me. He is not really crawling yet. But I bought this little push cart and its his favorite thing to do is push it. Grandpa visited and walked back and forth with him for over an hour. 
I picked up some water paints and stamps for Ciara. Her most favorite thing is to do a make over with nails and makeup but painting, coloring and stamps are a close second. 
Being stuck in the house all the time is the hardest on Ciara. She started having accidents and I think its because she dosnt like that I cant do what I did before. The Mini picture is from her cousins birthday. She is obsessed with anything pink or princess. 

Mommys Broken Christmas

On Christmas Day after our wonderful Christmas Dinner with the family I do what I always do, take down the Christmas stuff. Now some of you may say thats bad luck, and after this year I thought twice about it but I say thats crap. I have always done it. When the holiday is over I want all decorations and evidence that it was around gone. I took down the lights outside on our house, the tree, the stockings, the garland on the banister…. everything! Everything was down and in the boxes ready to be stored. I do this because I believe it helps with depression. I dont like waking up the next day to clean up the mess. Or wait with that huge tree in the way until the new year. Thats foolish to me. 

Well….. you may be thinking  Im the foolish one now but as I was taking down the boxes that I had just packed ever so careful I stepped on a present that was left on the stairs and I fell. I fell hard. As I fell I heard a snap in my ankle. I was wearing my leg high boots while I did this, I fell into the box I was carrying down the rest of the 6 steps. I knew right away something was wrong. I was in so much pain. I yelled for Ben. My brother in law Aaron had stayed after the party to chat and him and Ben ran down after me. 
When they pulled the boot off while I screamed Ciara (who is obsessed with Doc Mcstuffins right now and talks about being a doctor and got new doctor stuff for Christmas) says “Let me get the big book of boo boos!” This saying comes from her favorite show. I hurt so bad but she made me laugh and kiss her sweet face. I called my mom to come watch the kids. Before she got there Ben and Aaron helped me up the stairs and to the car to go to the ER. I was shaking so bad. It started swelling instantly. Aaron stayed with the kids until my mom got there. 
Ben took me to the hospital. They were busy so I waited 2 hours before they saw me. X-rays showed that I cracked my fibula. I had to see a specialist. They gave me some painkillers, a splint and some crutches. 
I saw the specialist. It was cracked so badly that I needed surgery. They squeezed me in on the 30th of December right before the new year. I had 7 screws and a plate put in. The pain from that knocked me out for 2 weeks. I was on heavy painkillers. My parents brought in a mattress and bed to put where my dinning room table was because I cant move to get to my room. This was the most hard things I have ever been through. I had people in my house for two whole weeks. I couldn’t watch my kids alone, painkillers knocked me out and I could not get around. I was in a splint after surgery for 2 and a half weeks. Then a bright pink cast for 4 weeks. 

Depression has really gotten the best of me during this time. I feel so helpless and unimportant. I miss my kids so much. Most of our days are spent in front of the television since I cant take them anywhere. I have taken one day at a time.