Curtis turns 4!

Its that fast. My baby is now 4. He has decided to celebrate by going to Chucky Cheese. We had all our family over during the weekend to share cake with. He has never been to Chucky Cheese but he watches videos that talk about it. Hope he isnt to disappointed.



His favorite things are skylanders, hot wheels, wrestling with his brother and sister and any video games or movies. His teacher Mrs. Meghan has been so great this year at preschool. He can write and spell his name, count and most of his letters.

He is our little jokester. He loves to make silly comments to make people laugh. He is a big little kid  who still loves to sleep with mom which we are trying to stop. He is the best cuddler in the world! He loves going to the zoo and any park.


Dugway Geode Beds

We were recently hiking when Ciara asked if we could find geodes. I didnt know what she was talking about. The next weekend we were discussing what we wanted to do when Ciara again asked if we could go out and find some geodes.  Both her and Caleb have been learning about them at school. Ben found a place called Dugway geode beds. Its quite a drive in literally the middle of nowhere. But it was great time together. I didnt know that you could just find these things as easily as we did.


The kids packed hammers and shovels. They were able to explore and found tons and tons of these beautiful rocks. We have had so much rain recently that there were little puddles that were filled with tadpoles. Caleb caught a bunch and saved some by putting them into a larger puddle.

On the long drive home we were stopped by a huge herd of wild horses. They were coming to get a drink next to the road at a spring which ran parallel to the dirt road. There were at least 50 of them and they let us drive right up to them. I loved the baby horses, they were so fluffy!

Payne family hobbies

I wanted to share our time as a family. Here is a picture of my husband with the kids during dinner. We share one great thing and one not so great thing ab
out our day. During football season its hard for our family to have sit down meals and I am so grateful for when we are able to do this. These kids are my life.


Caleb is signed up for Pokemon club after school and he LOVES it! I recently got him a binder with the sleeves for each card and it pretty much goes everywhere with him. The club is really great for him because he can hang out with kids his same age and talk all things Pokemon. I think its hard for Mom and Dad to talk about these silly little creatures forever. Sometimes, since its winter and awfully snowy we will all get in the van with different tablets and go for a drive to play Pokemon go as a family. Curtis absolutely loves when we catch Pokemon as a family.

Ciara likes to watch youtube videos of DIY art projects. My favorite one we made so far is a gennie bottle as a night light where we just painted an old glass bottle, added gems to it and then added a little light inside. She is obsessed with this night light. She recently found a lady who paints squishy little characters from a sponge. This seemed out of my limits because Im not much of an artist. But we did it anyway. She is pretty happy with it. We decided to do a shopkin.

1 (2)
1 (7)
1 (8)


Curtis is really into video games recently. He was obsessed with Disney Infinity and loved getting all the characters but they have discontinued it. Curtis was heart broken. Then we got the Skylanders Imaginators and he LOVES it! Its all he asked for for his Christmas. They didnt have his favorite character in the states for Christmas so Ben ordered him as soon as he was available. Its all Curtis can talk about. He loves all his characters.

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Family Update

14650733_10153922888191301_5641010147634262017_nSo much has happened!!! We have our little Curtis who will be 4 in a few months. Its amazing how fast this life is. I’ll do a quick update and then try to keep going from here. As a family we have made some big changes, we moved closer to Bens work, we have gone on many vacations including a getaway with just Ben and I, and have become closer in every sense of the word. All my kids are in school now, we are out of the diap15871797_10154137495761301_5700976854070844517_ner and bottles stage and are in a new and super fun big kid stage!


Lets start out with our baby. He likes to be called pumpkin and baby. He started preschool this year and loves/hates its. He hates being without his mama and every school day he says he misses me. He can spell his name, he loves to play video games especially skylanders and he is the funniest kids around. His teacher Miss Megan tells us he is the class clown. He is defiantly at the stage where he wants to be independent but make sure we all know he is the baby.

Ciara has grown up so much! She is finally out of her obsession with the movie Frozen. She loves gymnastics and singing. She is in the first grade in her new charter school. Her favorite thing to do in school is language arts. She can read now and is taking off in writing and art. It always surprises me when she spells on her own or writes me letters which she does daily. We call her our little monkey. Being the only girl she is our princess, loving all things girl. Right now her favorite show littlest pet shop, her favorite toys are shopkins, she loves Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy.

Caleb is such a stud of a man! He is only 10 but almost as big as Ben. He only weighs 15 pounds less than his Dad and has bigger shoes then the both of us. He played youth football for a new town this year and killed it. Everything in his life right now revolves around football, pokemon and school. Whenever Ben is home Caleb asks for him to throw the ball so that he can make epic catches. This is his favorite pass time, so much that when he was playing with Mom he put a hole in the wall with his head to make an epic catch. He is in the 4th grade now and loves math. He is so quick at it. When he does division it always blows my mind with how well he understands concepts. He still loves pizza, rocking out to Fall Out Boy and BYU. He also likes Star Wars and anything outside.


Ben and I have been keeping busy. I ran my first 5k on Thanksgiving and have been losing weight, like a ton of weight… 80 pounds. Ben was head coach for the 3rd and 4th grade football and he was amazing at it! We love playing league of legends together which is a fun game on the computer. He is still my best friend and hero.

Our family is amazing and we are loving life!!! I’ll be better at updating. 🙂


Kindergarten Graduation!

Mrshansen13256514_10153543006101301_3947184679618950752_nLittle Ms. Ciara has graduated Kindergarten. She is one of the youngest in her class but she is right where she needs to be. Her Teacher Mrs. Hansen is just super nice. We love her, she helped Ciara fit right in since we moved in the middle of the school year. She also made lots of new friends at this new school including Hazel, Marie, Ashely and Jimmer.13245493_10153543005646301_6484598312559885963_n



Her favorite thing to do for fun is playing on the monkey bars, riding your bike, and be outside. She likes writing her letters and she likes to read from the library. Her favorite subject she learned this year was about earth science, like rocks and plants and trees. Her favorite color is pink, blue and purple. Her favorite song is “Better when I’m dancing” by Meghan Trainer. Her favorite show is Johnny Test on Netflix.


H13237831_10153543004801301_1730165571282291402_ner graduation performance was great, she sang about the days of the week, the month names and knowing how special and great she is. Afterwards Ben and I and Curtis took her our to Dennys where she ate pizza and ice cream.


The Baby Turns 3!

13100726_10207366852062910_733674598254807933_nCurtis turned 3! Yes we still call him the baby. Yes he most of the time wears diapers. But hey, he is my baby! He insisted on having a pirate birthd13103556_10207366867263290_3217586176318690261_nay this year. I blame this on us riding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland in Jan like 5 times. We also ate at the restaurant inside the ride.  Since then he is obsessed with Pirates and Disney Infinity (video game).13103412_10207366860223114_5848740218906430369_n


Curtis turned 3!Yes we still call him the baby. Yes he most of the time wears diapers. But hey, he is my baby! He insisted on having a pirate birthday this year. I blame this on us riding the Pirates of the Caribbea13102759_10207366845942757_2882177367944657710_nnride at Disneyland in Jan like 5 times. We also ate at the restaurant inside the ride.  Since then he is obsessed with Pirates and Disney Infinity (video game).


13151647_10207366848182813_8204120627489685421_nWe dressed up and it was so much fun! We invited all ourfamily over. We had a beach photo poster and a mini pirate photo booth for the kids. Everyone got a sword, eye patch, bag for candy and a little eye spy glass.I13100733_10207366885423744_5085507038132134356_n made a little obstacle course in our garage (it was pouring rain) that included a plank over the ocean (a tarp), hot lava that you had to jump on the bricks to avoid and a sand box to dig for treasure. Curtis loved the plank!

We had our first piñata! I let Curtis help me fill it with candy. He put 3 bags in and loved doing it. He would count each piece. We showed him a video of others breaking open pinatas so he wouldn’t get mad since he put in so much work filling it up.

Curtis picked out his own cake this year as well. He was certain he wanted pirates but not the disney ones. Just nasty ol pirates. He also loves super heros.


Next came presents. Almost everyone got him disney infinity characters to go with his favorite past time. He also got super hero figures, spiderman hat and a new bike! He learned to ride it only one week later. Still needs practice though.

Spring starting to spring

Caleb went out fishing with Grandpa for the morning, so the rest of us decided that we would go out for a day adventure given the fact that it was semi-nice outside. We went to the zoo and rode the train and the carousel.

Sara tripled Ben’s steps for the day especially after dropping by Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Midway. She climbed all of the steps at The Crater, the hot-springs at the Homestead, 5 times (all 78 of them! Thats 390 stairs!)


She is doing so great on her diet! Way to go Sara!

Grow’n up

I can’t believe how much Curtis is growing up. He often takes the time to explain things to me with his limited speech. It amuses me to no end when I know he knows what he is saying but he can’t yet quite communicate it.

Sara called me today to tell me that Curtis used the potty all morning. I’m super proud of him.

At Disney Land, Curtis was explaining to me how the story book ride works. He said:

That shark eat that boat and it go in the tunnel!

It was so funny because it was actually Monstro the Whale but Curtis didn’t know that and to him it was a shark.

He is so much fun!

Kids Escape

After staying the night with Grandma in Heber the kids were disappointed that we did not stay in a hotel. They didnt get to do anything we told them we would and now they have two parents that couldn’t take them out. I asked Lori to take them to the ice castles.
This was so great for the kids! Caleb really liked the ice slide. Ciara had just watched her new favorite movie Frozen. I had joked before they went that maybe there would be a ice princess in the ice castle. Well… there were. The frozen princesses were there! Ciara was so happy! She wouldn’t leave their sight. Thats all she talked about all day. Im so glad my kids got something fun out of this weekend.
We are hoping for a better rest of the year. Maybe this will start it? More laughter, more fun, more happiness!


Kidney Stones

Our family has had such a rough time recently Ben and I decided we would take some money and take the kids to Vernal. We would go to DinosaurLand and stay in hotel. We bought all new swimsuits for the kids so they could swim in the hotel pool. We bought snacks for the drive up there. We packed up really good. Uncle Aaron was going to join us. We picked him up and after dinner in Heber we started up the hill to Vernal. Five minuets into our snowy drive Ben starts screaming in pain. He has been having bladder problems for a little while and had gone into the doctor that morning. They were going to have a ultrasound done on Monday but it didnt seem serious. This was serious. 
My husband has had health problems his whole life. His pain tolerance is the highest I know in a person. But this man was screaming in pain. I could not turn around because it was dark and snowy. I had to wait until we got to the top of the hill to turn around and take him to the ER. Our kids were very quiet, they had never heard their Dad so miserable. He was trying to keep his screams to himself. The pain was so bad he threw up in our snack bag…. twice.
When we reached the ER I dropped him off with Aaron. I had to find a solution for the kids. I cant carry them myself since I still cant walk. I called up my mother in law who lives in Midway and asked if she could watch them. She said of course. So the kids were taken care of now for my husband. I drove the very snowy road back to the ER where Ben was miserable. After watching him pace around crying out they finally gave him some pain killers. He settled down for a while but it the pain started up again. I had never seen him in so much pain. They gave him another dose and I took Aaron home. 
We were in the ER until midnight. He had a ct scan done and it showed a 3mm kidney stone in his bladder. They gave him pain killers and told him it should pass in the next few days. You just have to bare the pain. The pain killers help but not all the way. 
At this point the snow was really deep. We drove to my mother in laws house and stayed the night. Vacation is off. I am so thankful for my mother in law. She saved us. I dont know what I would have done without her.