Sunday Stroll

I was finally feeling healthy today! We went on a walk down to the park. Nothing fancy, but the weather was beautiful. In our neighborhood we have a very convient trail in front of our house that follows the lake to a couple of parks. One park has a large hill behind the playground and we decided to explore this park a little today.

The kids rolled down the hill. Ciara did everything that Caleb did, she loves to copy her big brother. Caleb rolled until he got sick. Then he picked up some reeds near the lake and started a battle with everyone. At one point he told Daddy he was going to slap him with his sword so Daddy ran!
We explored a little by the lake. Ben hid behind some reeds and the kids followed to find him. He jumped out to scare the kids but they just giggled with delight. Very relaxing walk. 🙂 Ready for the week!

Hee Haw Farms

Saturday was sunny and bright so we decided to go to Hee Haw Farm in Pleasant Grove! We invited Jeremiah and Kasie to come and have some old fashion barnyard fun!
When we first arrived Ciara found a chicken walking around and started following him. She almost touched him. I was surprised how brave she was.

They had a little petting zoo with goats, baby cows, little pigs, chickens, bunnies, and ducks that you could feed. Daddy tried to get her to touch the goat and she said “No dog!” The goat preceded to butt Ben in the legs so we moved on. When Ciara saw the baby goat she ran to pet him. Maybe she could sense the bad attitude of the other goat?

They had a pony that the kids could ride. The whole way to the farm Ciara kept saying “forsey!” (horsey) because we told that she could ride one. But when it was her turn she was scared. Daddy held her while they walked around the corral once but she was holding on to him for dear life so the ride ended.Caleb jumped up on the pony with no fear. The pony was a little small for Calebs size but it was a short enough ride that no damage was done. He rode that little pony like a true champ. 

There was so much to do at the farm! There was a bean bag toss, horse swings, tractors and a huge homemade slide! The kids were a little shy of the slide at first but before we left they went down it tons of times. Kaiah was even brave enough to go by herself! Ciara went down the slide twice by herself (I was gritting my teeth each time) but she was still to small.
Both Ben and Jeremiah took their girls down the slide. It was a little bumpy at the bottom but they seemed to have as much fun as the kids. Caleb got really scared of the slide the first time he went down but after lots of prodding he did it again and loved it.
The swings were in the shape of horses and Ciara favorite things include horses and swings so it was a perfect combination for her. She would have never left those swings.

The farm had a little train pulled by a lawn mower that towed little animal cars that the kids could ride in. All three kids loved this the first time around! It went around a large section of the farm and they got to pick what animal to sit in. Ciara didnt want to get out when it was over. Caleb asked to go a second time but Ciara seemed scared for some reason. So her Daddy climbed in and rode with her.

It was so much fun just being out in the sun, around a real farm! The kids loved to climb on the hay stacks! It really made me miss Idaho… but Utah is so great that we get to have a taste of everything right here. (Missed Josh and Jessica who decided to go to Idaho. That may have been the inspiration to go to a farm 😉
 Caleb really liked the bean bag toss. I showed him how to throw them and he really started to get the hang of it. Ben and Caleb found a huge tractor car with pedals. Ben pushed Caleb all around and Caleb just loved it! The tires on this thing were impressive!

So much fun!!!!

Who Once Was Sick Now Is Better!

A whole week of Mommy being sick was no fun! I woke up this morning finally feeling free from my sore throat, runny nose, and horrible tummy aches. So yet again I got behind on my blogging and will be doing a couple of them for the week and the weekend.
This week passed me by in a daze since I was feeling terrible. I took it one day at a time. I still watched Kaiah and Maisie and all the kids did great. Ciara really started talking a lot this week.

That is some good stuff!

Monday the girls played tea party. They did this together (without any outside influence) for about 30 min and this is a record timing for two toddlers to do anything. They would take turns pouring eachother tea and then drinking it down after giggling about something funny was said. It was like they were two best friends telling secrets over tea.
Caleb is doing much better about playing by himself. We used to have a really hard time getting him to play instead of complain when no one would play with him. But with so many kids around I think he almost enjoys his time alone now and his big kid toys.

It was really nice outside so I gave the kids some icy pops and they sat on the porch together eating them. When they were done Caleb ran off to play with a neighbor who had stopped by and the girls came to sit by me and watch him. Then Caleb invited the girls to come play ring around the rosie with them. They played lots of race games and then found a bug!

Later that day Calebs older friends (Joni and Hunter) came over to jump on the trampoline with him. Caleb is completely obsessed with Joni and Hunter! He looks up to them so much! Since we moved here Caleb has spent most of his summers playing with them. They play hard!
When I started to walk away Caleb said “Guys lets do this!” and he started meditating. The other two followed and I turned on the camera fast enough to catch this silly act. Caleb is such a leader.

A couple days later Kaiah wanted to give everyone a makeover. We have pretend scissors and cut everyones hair including the dog. Ciara loved to get her hair cut and nails painted and makeup done by Kaiah. Caleb got tired of it pretty fast and pretended to die.

Maisie has started to suck her thumb! I know its not the best thing for her, and her parents hate it but I cant help but think she is the cutest little baby with her thumb hanging out of her mouth while she naps! (The baby was placed next to her by Ciara. She usually gives the baby a baby and says “Babies!” and laughs)

It was a really long week with me feeling so bad but the kids kept me laughing like they always do!

Walker Side Beach Party

On Sunday we took my parents to our little beach in Pleasant Grove. Grandpa didnt bring a fishing pole because he (or any of us) dont have a licensee yet. But we totally plan to come back to do some fishing/swimming. Grandpa was so brave that when he got in the water he dived straight in! The water seemed even colder then last time. Caleb followed his Grandpa… just didnt put his whole head in, until Grandpa dunked him. Grandpa swam all the way out to to the rope and to the other side. We all teased him that if he didnt swim on the swimming side of the pond that the lady of the pond would attack him.

Ben took the slow and steady approach to getting in the water. He stayed in the freezing water for about an hour and slowly went deeper until the water was up to his chest. Then he swam out to the rope. I joined him a couple of times out there in the pond. One time my toe touched something icky so I climbed up on Ben and he slowly started walking out deeper! It was freezing! I got pretty cold, I think that was the last time I went in.

Grandma laid out on the beach, soaking up the sun. Occasionally she would get a hug from a wet Ciara or dirt rubbed on her, or Grandpa sprinkling her with water. I think my mom actually got some sun without burning (until she went outside at my house)

Grandpa spent lots of quality time with the kids. He built a sand castle with them. They put the frisbee on the top of the castle so that the toy elephant could sit up there. They also had a protector indian guy who watched the castle.

Grandpa tried to get Ciara in the water, he would sit down in the water and pay in the dirt and Ciara would sit in his lap. They started burying their feet and legs in the sad. I love her little giggle or high pitch squeal with delight.

When we got home Ben remembered that he has a shirt that matches his Perry hat. So he modeled it. hehe. I also painted my nails just for fun. I did it right before bed so changing Ciara smudged it but I think the message is clear enough. Woot. hehe. It was a great Walker day and a family filled weekend!

Happy Days Part 3

Right after our hike I got a call from Jeremiah to see if we were free. (I was pretty stoked since their weekends busy) We decided that all of us would go back to my house to have a BBQ! We had almost the whole family together and it was all spur of the moment! Wahoo! (Jake was in our thoughts)
It was really hot! Everyone brought their swimsuits and planned to swim in our neighborhood pool but it was packed! I dont think you could even stand inside the gate it was so full. So we just decided to hang out and chat for a while.

Ben and I made the hot dogs and hamburgers on our grill…. and it was so stinkin hot! Simba was so good, he wanted to eat our food so bad but he left us alone while we cooked and ate. I treated him with some leftovers… he seriously is the best dog ever!

Josh and Jessica stayed late that night. We played some wii and talked, and played with the kids. Ciara loves her Aunt Jessie. Ciara was following like a puppy. Jessica took Ciara out to play ball with the dog. It became a game between the girls. Jessica would bounce the ball high and then give it to Ciara and she would do this little baby bounce. Super cute. Then Aunt Jessica sat Ciara in her lap and would blow in her face. Ciara would giggle so loud! Its so great that we have family to be close with. Josh and Ben bounced ideas around about the project. Ben worked a little but we just wanted to be together. 🙂

It was a Payne filled day… 2 outings and 2 parties… and I couldn’t be more pleased!

Happy Days Part 2

After our family beach adventure we drove up to Heber. Josh and Jessica were visiting Ben’s parents so we all decided to walk up to Bridal Veil Falls. We had a pretty big group, Lori, Aaron, Josh, Jessica, Baby Mac, Ben, Me and our wild rice. It was really nice to be outside almost all day. Ciara was attached to her Grandma like always… but

Caleb was following Aaron and copying everything he did. 
As we walked up to the waterfall Caleb followed Aaron and did an interpretation of how he thought Aaron walks. It was a tough guy walk and so adorable! I think Caleb looks up to Aaron (not only cause he is fun to ba around) but because when Ben talks about Uncle Aaron he is always referded to as the strong brother, the tough guy who wont take any crap from anybody. I think Caleb just adores the fact that he has a “tough” Uncle. So they strutted together like buddies. I wonder if Braxton (Aarons son) will think of Aaron how Caleb does. 

Ciara didnt walk one step the whole trip. First she was in the back pack (“pack pack”) on Daddys back and then she was carried like a princess by Grandma. Daddy has a perry the platypus (from the cartoon Phenios and Ferb) hat on. Ciara gave the hat lots of kisses and hugs. It was so cute!

Jessica was carrying little Mackenzie in a holder. I think she was asleep most of the time. I love seeing Jessica as a mom, when I first met the Mchan family I knew I would somehow be a part of their family. To see Jessica get married and then have a baby of her own is just great…. almost a fulfillment of a dream. Kinda strange I know. Anyway, we spend lots of time with Josh and Jessica, it was nice to get outside and do something a little active with them and all the kids.

The water from the waterfall was really cold. Jessica and Caleb and I walked up it a little ways and my feet were freezing. Caleb kept trying to go to the deep part but he would get out crying saying it was to cold, but then he would get back in. That boy loves to swim!

Happy Days Part 1


We did so much this Saturday that Im splitting them up into parts. When we woke up we decided to take a “StayVacation” just for today. I made a deal with Caleb that there would be no whining only fun and laughter today. We decided to go to a little pond in Pleasant Grove. The pond is split into two parts, half of it is for fishing (we dont have our licenses yet but its on the list to do) and the other half has a sandy beach where you can swim.

The kids loved this idea! They both had new swim suits and it was a perfect day! We packed some sandwiches and drinks and were off to spend the day as a family. The weather was into the 80s and the pond was freezing cold. There isnt much shade at this spot so it encourages you to get into the water. Caleb couldn’t wait to jump in! He wasnt scared at all! Last year when a girlfriend showed me this spot Caleb was really unsure of getting in because he knew there were fish. I think he was uncomfortable with live fish swimming with him. This year he was trying to find one to catch with his hands.
Ciara spend most of her time in the sand. She loved to burry her feet in the sand. She did step in the water a few times but then was clinging to Ben like a baby monkey.
Ben and I didnt wear our swimming suits but we rolled up our pants and waded out with Caleb. He never wanted to leave he was having so much fun! We built a small sand castle with a mote that worked really well… until Ciara had the hippo crush it.

Caleb was playing in the wet sand and noticed that it stuck to his body. He then began rubbing sand all over himself. He became the monster of the pond! He growled and hobbled back into his lake home. Then he would slowly walk out (his little strut and growl was so cute!) of the pond to attack little girls on the beach. He took this business of being as much like a monster as possible very seriously.

At one point Caleb came out of the cold water and said “Daddy I have water in a very uncomfortable spot.” Ben and I laughed. He has really become the comedian.
It was the perfect way to begin our weekend!


This Friday was a scary crazy start to the weekend. The day started normal as always… The kids played ring around the rosie and hide and seek. Kaiah was very affectionate to Caleb. She wanted to do everything with him. Ciara brought me the fingernail polish and asked me to get pretty. So I decided to paint the girls nails. They both chose pink. Then they found the play fingernail polish (from the princess kit Ciara got for Christmas) and pretended to paint the babys fingers.

I was telling Caleb the plan for the day about him going to school and that Kaiah will be taking a nap. Kaiah ran up to me crying “Sara poo poo in potty.” So I ran her to the bathroom. She didnt have to go. I wondered if it was because I said the word nap. So in casual conversation I said Kaiah will be taking a nap today and she said “Sara poo poo in potty!” and she would wimper. Caleb and I laughed. I asked her if she dosnt like naps and of course she said yes. I looked at her and said nap and she did it again. She caught on to what we were laughing about and she started laughing about it. Pretty funny.

The kids played on the trampoline until it got a little to warm so we went inside and played on the slide. The girls love when Caleb catches them, it looks pretty silly because its not a very big slide.

After the girls went home for the weekend Ciara took her Elmo and sat in the backyard looking toward the field pondering life. It was so cute. This Elmo toy holds his hands up so it looked like they were hugging!

Grandpa being a funny

My parents came by to have a BBQ and go swimming. Caleb didnt have a swimsuit that fit so my mom and I (and the Ciara) ran to the store to get one. My Dad and Caleb had fun playing outside with a frisbee and playing ball with the dog. When we got home my Dad said he wasnt feeling well. He had been in the ER earlier that morning and was instructed to rest for 3 days. I guess he was given some sleeping pills that we didnt know about. He took them thinking they wouldnt effect him for a while… but they did.

Caleb in his new cowboy hat Grandpa
gave him

Since we didnt know he had taken anything we were very alarmed about his sudden drop in activity. He started to fall over just trying to put his swim suit on. So we took him to the ER. They watched him for a while until he woke up. (Because of Bens brain surgeries I freak out when someone wont wake up) Then they sent him home. We all were very tired from being so worried for Grandpa that we went to bed early that night. Ben and I decided that our weekend would could only go up from here! We were determined to have a great couple of days to take away stress. Our family is number one and we decided to spend as much time as we can together!

Reunite After Spring Break!

We get to have play dates and I get paid for it! Love it! We have missed Kaiah and Maisie so much! The first part of our morning we spent down in our playroom going through everything! The kids got out blocks, the marble set, and all the guns and light sabers. Caleb reminded Kaiah how to fight gentle and die with grace. Ciara and Kaiah didnt fight once today… I think they missed each other. We played hide and seek, which wasnt to much fun since the girls would just hide in Calebs previous spot. But it made them giggle.

Caleb and Kaiah made a large tower with the marble set. They built it over Calebs head and then Ciara took the bottom piece out and it all came down. Caleb also volunteered to give the girls a ride as a horse. The girls just love this. Kaiah always manages to slide off Calebs bum and she laughs so hard. Ciara loves her big brother so much. Caleb also let Ciara play with his little army men. They played together with them for the first time, he usually gives her a couple and throws a fit when she touches his set. But today he showed her how to play with him. She would say “Dad Duys Die (Bad Guys Die)” and she would lay them down. Then she would giggle and set them all back up again. 
Both of my kids love how smily Maisie is. All Caleb has to do is say hi to the baby and she smiles so big, Caleb is so proud of himself. I was changing Ciara when the baby got a little fussy and Caleb came up to her and made her smile so big! Maisie was laying on her back and rolled over to her tummy! She was pretty startled when she got to her tummy but it was pretty amazing to see this little baby grow so much.

Ciara got a hold of my almost gone pepsi glass… she took it and ran. I came chasing after her and she hid in the corner. She knows she isnt supposed to touch Mommy’s pepsi. Recently if she gets close to my cup she will try to throw toys or water in my cup. That grosses me out so bad. I make a big deal out of it but I cant help but laugh so she thinks its a game.

When Kaiah was done with her nap I found her with no pants or pull-ups on. I told her Dad about it and I guess this is a new trick of hers. I didnt notice at first until I saw a little girl bum sticking out of her long shirt. When I asked her if she liked her pull-up she said “No, I use the potty.” Yep.. funny kid. 

Before the girls left for the day all the kids colored. I love how proud they are when they show me what they have done. 

Ben and I are both tired from our long night last night. Caleb woke up with a bad dream so he slept on our rocking chair. Then Ciara woke up and slept between us. Needless to say we just chilled until bedtime. 

Hump Day

We didnt have Kaiah and Maisie over today because now Kaiah is now sick. So we spent our day hanging out together. We spent our morning downstairs playing in our playroom. Ciara felt well enough to slide a couple times. Then the kids picked out a bucket of toys to take upstairs while I made breakfast and picked up.
Ciara was feeling better today, and she showed it. She called her Grandpa Payne a couple times to chat. But she was still really clingy. I could tell she wasnt up to her normal yet. She still has a pretty bad cough. I hate seeing my baby sick. Caleb asked if he could make Ciara’s bottle today. I told him how and he did it just right. He was pretty proud of himself that he could help with such an important task.
Caleb stayed home from school today. When we got to the school I think he had an anexiety attack. At first he was so excited about going, but the more and more he talked about it he started crying and panicking. He begged me to go home and he didnt want me to leave. I asked him why and he said that he needed a nap. We called Daddy and they made a deal. Caleb was supposed to have a nap today if he missed school. Well… that didnt happen. I think he just got to worked up about school for some reason. But Ben and I had a talk with him about how important school is and that we have to do things we dont want to sometimes. We did have quiet time like always and watched the movie Fred.

Caleb helped me make some dinner rolls from scratch. I not to big on the whole make your own because I never felt good at it. But these rolls turned out great! We had chicken noodle soup (without chicken) and rolls… which is the perfect meal for another rainy day.

Caleb had a big war with all his toy soldiers in front of the fish tank today. He was amazed at how many action figures he has. Ciara loves the backpack she got from her Grandpa and Grandma Walker. She calls it her pack pack and she wore it most of the day. She would put toys in and out of it. She also loves to color. She will color for only a second, then bring me the page and say Mommy pree (mommy pretty!) Its so sweet to see her want to impress me. When Kaiah is here I have both girls trying to show me what they drew.
I didnt realize how drained Ciara looked until I looked at these pictures. She really looks pail. She was lounging on me while Caleb and I played Lego Star Wars on the wii when she threw up. She was scared but with Ben and Calebs help we both got stripped down and into a warm shower… where she wanted to play.
Ben did some work on his project so I decided to rock Ciara while Caleb laid in our bed and watched some SpongeBob SquarePants. Then Daddy tucked Caleb in downstairs and I laid Ciara in her crib. Its crazy that I look forward to bedtime to have a break, but I find myself missing them until morning. 🙂