First Day Of Kindergarten!

Its Caleb’s first day of real school, Kindergarten!!! All morning he has expected me to cry. Every time I said something and my voice was a little high he would look at me and say “Everything ok Mom?” I would say yes and he would ask if I was sure I wasn’t going to cry. He has always known when I am upset and I never have to say anything. I guess the first day of school is red day, everyone had to wear red and bring a red apple. He picked a special one just for his teacher. We met her yesterday. As soon as I walked downstairs (he wakes up before everyone and plays a little video games quietly) he said today is the day!!! He loves school and making friends.
 Ciara and I walked Caleb down to the bus stop where the other kids from our neighborhood gathered. We got a picture of all of the kindergartners at our stop. Caleb was a little nervous about getting on the big bus but didn’t want anyone to know. But when the bus pulled up he got on there like a champ. With a couple of looks back toward me he took a seat on the bus and they took off. When the bus jerked forward I could see his eyes searching for me and I waved fighting back tears. I ran home to cry hard. Cried for over an hour. I keep thinking that this is the official end of him being a baby. I remember the night I decided to name him Caleb, and the first time I held him in my arms, him calling me Nonny instead of Mommy, me changing his diapers… the list is endless. All these thoughts bring so many tears to my eyes, I miss him being my baby. He has gone to preschool… but this is so different. I guess its the big bus, or the big school, or how proud he is that he is going finally a “school kid”. Feels like the end of Caleb’s baby chapter. I miss him.

When Caleb came home this is what he told me! “My teacher is nice! My favorite part was recess and playing on the biggest slide in the world. We read a book about raccoons and their first day at school. And the funnest part was to see my teacher and meet new friends. I made two girls laugh when I ate my apple.”