Zoo Day with the Kids

Benjamin had to work over the weekend so the kids and I decided to visit the zoo while Daddy was gone. (It helps Mommy not miss him so much when she is busy.) It was a beautiful day outside.
the zoo was under lots of construction so lots of stuff has changed and lots of things were closed but they added some new things that we could see now.

The tiger exibit was so great! They expanded it over the walk way so the tigers could pace over people walking under them. My favorite part was when one of the three tigers jumped in the water they had, then leaped out and ran onto the bridge and shook off all the water and got everyone wet! It was amazing to see this tiger jump and get excited.

They also added a sea lion and I was just so impressed with the size of this creature! Seriously amazing!
Ciara said her favorite animal was the elephant. She walked almost the entire way until we had seen everything and it was time to walk back up the hill. She did get very excited to see the monkeys.
Caleb liked the wolf, which seems a little strange unless its his new favorite animal because the wolf was sleeping. But on the merry-go-round he chose to ride the wolf. Ciara rode the penguin. She LOVES merry-go-rounds! And this one was beautiful with each animal in great detail.
I think Caleb loved the zoo the most. He told me “Mommy, how do you think people will react when they see such a buff guy looking so good in his clothes missing a tooth, all grown up?” He is so cute. I think he has a great self esteem right now. I tell him everyday how handsome he is.
We missed Daddy today, but we had fun together.

Caleb Lost His First Tooth!

We discovered Caleb had a lose tooth about a week ago after eating an orange. Today Caleb told his Daddy that it was very lose and Daddy came over and helped him pull out the tooth. He was really scared at first but Daddy told him it wouldn’t hurt. Daddy used his two fingers and pulled it out. Caleb and I freaked out!! I cant believe my baby lost his first tooth!! Sure enough it didst hurt, it didn’t even bleed that much. So we will be putting his tooth under his pillow to see if the tooth fairy comes tonight! He was so excited to get something and show all his friends how grown up he is without his tooth. We put it in a bag, and under his pillow but I was worried the tooth fairy wouldn’t be able to smell it so I suggested we put it on the dresser but Caleb said he would open the bag so she could smell it under his pillow. So cute!

Utah State Fair!

We went to the State Fair and it was fabulous! We went the same day that Ben was flying out to Arizona so we spent the whole day riding rides and eating junk food. Then we went to the airport and watched all the airplanes take off until Daddy had to leave. The fair was just fantastic.

The fair had a kid barn thing that the kids could walk through. You got to milk a (fake) cow, brush a (fake) sheep, collect eggs from (fake but still scary for Ciara) chickens and picked and grew their own (fake) apples. It was very cute to watch the kids collect these things. Caleb said being a farmer is fun.

We all got the all day pass for the rides and we went on Sunday so there were no lines. It was like everyone was waiting for us. Fantastic! The first scary ride that Caleb rode he cried until it started. We had to tell him he would be fun and to trust us. And sure enough he loved it! Then he rode all the rides! He said “If I have my Daddy with me I can ride any ride!” Ben and him took off to explore the next thrill seeking ride.

Ciara and I rode all the rides she was tall enough, and to my suprise there were quite a few. This was the best fair I have ever been to. Ciara wasnt scared of the rides either and got a little mad that she couldnt ride all the rides Caleb was on. Her favorite was the truck and the marry go round. We had such a fun day!!!

Caleb found the scariest ride that you laid on your tummy and spun around and that became his favorite. He went on that ride like 5 times. It was an expensive day but we managed to win a few stuffed animals and a princess outfit with a matching wand.

My favorite thing was going on the fairs wheel all together! It was beautiful!