First Trip to Scheels

We took a Saturday to take a trip to the new giant store in our area. Its a lot like Cabelas but bigger. It even has a fairs wheel inside! They have all these stuffed animal exhibits that you can take your photo with. It was lots of fun. They also have an amazing aquarium that you can walk under. It was a fun free family activity.

A Friends Wedding

We had the pleasure of going to a friends wedding. We brought the kids with us. It was held at a beautiful location that was fancy and just breath taking gorgeous. In the back of the hall there was a beautiful garden. Our kids played hide and seek with each other. Ciara started counting and Caleb ran around near a pretty pond that had overflowed… slipped and fell right in the pond. But that didnt stop us from having a great time! It was beautiful and so much fun!

School Halloween Party

Calebs school held an after school Halloween party complete with a cake walk, pumpkin carving contests and a kick butt DJ with crazy awesome lights. Both kids won free ice creams from Arctic Circle for having such great dance moves.
Caleb went back and forth on what he wanted to be (at first he wanted to be a zombie then a Frankenstin) but when we were at the party store he saw the Roman stuff and loved it! So Caleb is a Roman solider this year. He calls himself a Roman Death Solider!

I picked out Ciara’s costume last month. She is a cute little strawberry. And when she runs her little fluff around her bum bounces up and down. Her costume totally fits her. She wanted to be a princess but when she put on her strawberry she decided she looked great. Im sure Mommy crying and saying how adorable she is had nothing to do with it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love my kids!

Caleb’s 6th Birthday

On the 14th of October my little man turned 6 years old. It is just unreal. He amazes me everyday how grown up he is. Instead of having a party this year we decided to take Caleb to Lagoon. When we took him to the State Fair he acted so fearless on all the rides that we thought it would be the perfect year to take him. The night before we had family over and ate spaghetti. It was very informal and just hanging out. Ben and I got him a little top set that crash into each other. At first the gift was a flop. We didnt get it but then we put the tops on the table and it became a great family activity! Caleb and Daddy went against Mommy and Ciara. There was lots of cheering and laughing! The night ended in a rich chocolate cake and trick candles.

At first we intended to take Ciara with us to Lagoon but decided it would be best if she stayed with her Nanny Walker. I wanted the day to be all about Caleb. It worked out great! Uncle Aaron, Daddy and Mommy gave Caleb all our attention and cheers riding the roller coasters!

As soon as we got to Lagoon, Uncle Aaron and Daddy said the first ride is the white wood roller coaster. I dont think Caleb knew what he was in for. He didnt cry or anything but it scared the crap out of him. He laughed and said wow. We didnt end up riding that one again. It was Mommys favorite ride. Then we went on a few kiddy rides but Daddy really wanted him to ride the Calossus roller coaster. When we told Caleb about it he said that was the one he would ride like a hundred times. So We walked over there and Caleb got scared.
It took about 10 min to convince Caleb to go, which involved lots of tears and screaming. We told him if he didnt like the ride he didnt have to ride anything else he didnt want to. So he did. Mommy didnt go on it due to the bun in the oven. (I ended up riding it later when I talked to a manager about the warnings of roller coasters and pregnancy and they said it was just a precaution and if Im healthy, and not to far along I should be fine.) I screamed so loud for him as I watched him do two loops on this fast roller coaster. When he walked off the ride I couldnt contain my pride for him! And guess what?! He loved it!! After that no ride was off limits! He even rode the wicked roller coaster that drops you… (Made Mommy sick) but he loved it so much he went on it twice in a row. He sat next to me and giggled at me that I screamed almost the whole time. He really enjoyed his day!

Really, this trip was so good for our family. We are sad that Ciara couldnt come, but with the new baby on the way I know Caleb wont get very many chances for exclusive time with Mommy and Daddy…. plus we had Aaron who totally pumped Caleb up.
There was one ride Caleb really didnt like, it was like a walk through ride that was scary for Halloween. Recently he has had a hard time believing that Halloween things are fake. But once he got off the ride he was proud of himself. ๐Ÿ™‚

At the end of the day, we all got big slurpys… yummy. It was a perfect ending to a queezy stomach. ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe. Happy Birthday my little man!
I am so proud of the little man you are. You are the most responsible 6 year old I know. I just love you so much! We have been through so much together and I cant wait to see the man you will become! I still remember rocking you and singing for hours while you slept on my chest. And watching you learn to walk in Grandmas store, eating biscotti’s when you started teething, how you would call me Nonny instead of Mommy, and being the most confident and friendly kid ever! I envy your skill at making friends with everyone and your charm with adults. I also remember you being my light when I felt I had nothing to go on for. When I thought all was lost you would see me crying and come and hold me. It always made me giggle! I will never forget how your sweet little smile brought me the confidence to better our lives. Cant believe it has been 6 years since they put you in my arms for the very first time. I love you so much!


Bun in the Oven

We recently found out we are expecting baby number 3! We are so excited! Last year we had a miscarriage that left our family pretty sad. We have been trying since then and finally… with a little luck we can grow our family a little bigger. Ciara and Caleb are slowly understanding whats going on. Caleb really wants a little brother.

I went to the doctor for the first time on October 1 and we saw the same doctor that delivered Ciara, Dr. Bean. We (including the doctor) thought we were about 11 weeks along but after the ultrasound the baby is the size of an 8 week baby so right now our due date is May 8, 2012. We have to go back in two weeks to confirm that date. little early and my water broke with all of them. So… we are talking about me taking progesterone shot every week a little later on in the pregnancy to keep the baby in the oven a little longer. We dont have to but we need to discuss it. Since my water broke with both my babies he said the chance it will happen again is very high. After my water broke with Ciara she came about an hour later. So we will also need to worry about speeding to the hospital whenever the moment happens. Its still pretty surreal for me.

I have been watching the dates pretty close since we
Also, the doctor noticed that both my babies came ahave been trying to get pregnant. Ben has been working really really hard and very long hours. The week I found out he was actually staying the night at work (not sleeping but working through the night) so I hadnt seen him in a while.
The kids and I went to the store that afternoon and I had picked up a test. I couldnt wait so I took it right away. Sure enough it was positive. I started freaking out at first but I wanted to tell Ben first before I told the kids. But I couldnt just say nothing to I called my girlfriend and told her outside so the kids couldnt hear. Caleb knew something was up. He kept asking me what. I finally told him that we are thinking about getting a pet. (Yeah… I couldnt think of anything else.) He was later a little mad at me.

So I decided to tell Ben in a letter so that he would know when he came home and could wake me up since it would be really late before he came home. But he never saw the note. I couldnt sleep around 3 am with my husband gone and emotional like I had been. He actually texted me and was extremely discouraged himself since he had been working so hard for so long and he felt like there was still so much more to do. I told him I had something to tell him. He asked me to call him and he says once I tole him I had news he knew what it was. The tone in his voice was completely different then the tone of his text once I called him. He totally guessed it. I was actually a little mad since I never can keep a secret from Ben. So… my note was a waste. But it was fun to make and it kept my mouth shut until 3 am.
I think we are all excited for this baby. With Ciara I felt like I knew what I was getting into but felt unsure because it was Bens first little baby, and I could feel how nervous he was (he says he was all cool about it) But with this baby, as a family I think we are ready.