15 Weeks Pregnant

My pregnancy picture at 15 weeks. Started the second trimester with lots of sickness, but Im super happy. The beginning of this pregnancy I didn’t have any sickness other then headaches and fatigue. I am actually starting to feel pregnant now and its so much easier to feel sick for a purpose. I have had some super strong cravings! My most common one is cheese and mustard. At the beginning I wanted pickles but now they make me sick. I also crave tuna but I can only have limited amounts.  Thats my little baby update!!

First Snow Fall

We had a nasty wind storm that brought in the first bit of snow we have seen. This of course called for new hats and gloves! Caleb picked out a spongebob hat complete with a pimpin bill on the front and Ciara picked a fuzzy Elmo hat with her Elmo mittens (Elmo hands!) and both the kids were thrilled to try on their new winter gear in the snow! Caleb threw a couple of snowballs at our tree. The snow melted pretty quickly and there wasn’t much of it but it was beautiful. 

Halloween Party at Jer and Kasie’s house

We attended a Halloween party at Jer and Kasies house. This party was great! It included a piñata , pictures, lots of friends, and great food! We had so much fun. (Caleb decided to hang out with Grandpa and not go to the party.)
Ben and I decided that we had to dress up for the party. Ben was wrapped up all in Christmas paper with nerdy glasses and a tag that said : To women From God. If you dont get it, he was Gods gift to women. 😉 I was a nudist on strike… so I came with a sign and clothes on. Hehe it was fun! Love parties!