Day at the Park

We are so excited for spring!! My mom is out of town so we decided to take her dog for a walk at the park. It was such a nice day, the kids even got to slide without getting wet! Im so glad Caleb finally has a little sister to play with. I remember going to the park with just Caleb and he was so lonely. They run around together and rough house. I just love it.

A picture of my kids being sweet 🙂

Valentines Day

Caleb gave out transformers Valentines cards with chocolate on them. The elementary has different rules then the preschool. We were not allowed to write names on any of their cards, so no special Valentines for his girlfriend and he didn’t have to make a box or anything. I guess they decorated a white bag and the kids walked around and put one card and candy in each bag. He was very happy with himself when he came home with a full bag. What was so sweet is that as soon as he came home he wanted to share with his sister. He dumped them out on the floor and said “Look Ciara! Look what I brought us!” I didn’t have to tell him to share his candy. What 6 year old dosnt want all his candy to himself? He is just such a great kid. The kids and I made a couple hearts for Daddy and we made heart shaped pancakes and cinnamon rolls.

Jump On It

 We decided to try out Jump On It this Saturday. Its a big room full of trampolines and a couple bouncy houses. It was a fun way to exercise in this cold weather. Ciara would jump off the platform and then to a summersault. The first time she did it she scared herself. But once she realized it was so cool to do a flip off the platform she became a pro. Caleb also jumped off the larger platform. He was like a little bean, jumping from one trampoline to the next. I took lots of pictures but almost all of them came out blurry because of all the movement but it was a great way to get the kids all tired out.

Kimball Art Center

I saw on the news about an artist that makes sculptures out of legos. He had a display in Park City and we decided to check it out. Ciara stayed with Grandma Lolly so that we could give Caleb some one on one attention. Uncle Aaron tagged along. It wasnt a big event but it was still amazing. Pretty inspiring what people can do when they put their minds to something.

Visit from Uncle Johnny!

My brother John is the hardest person to get a picture of. This last visit was so wonderful. He hurt his back really bad but my kids are really warming up to him. It was just great to have him here! 🙂

Grandpa and Uncle Gary visited us as well. We had a big snowball fight and made us a foxy snow lady. As you can see we are ready for hot weather! 

Random Little Silliness

Caleb gave me this sad face to win himself some ice cream after dinner, needless to say it worked. The second pic is when we discovered that we could color on our skin with crayons. Both kids have evil mustaches and eye brows. The third picture is of Caleb trying to save his shirt from getting food on it. A belly is just as good as a bib right?

These are random pictures of my little princess.

Ciara singing in the car! I Love this!!!

Ciara fell asleep in the swing. Her most favorite thing in the world to do is swing. Ben found a dead fish in our fish tank but couldn’t find the net to fish him out. So he found one of the kids toys. It worked great! But what was funny was that the alive fish were freaking out when they say this giant dinosaur head coming into their home. We said “Watch out!! Its Godzilla!!!”

The last picture is when Ciara wasnt feeling well so she fell asleep in our bed next to her Daddy. 🙂

This is Ciara’s new trundle bed with her new confronter set!

It’s a BOY!!

Belly shot from the top

I took the kids with my 19 week ultrasound. Daddy had to work so he couldn’t come but it ended up being more fun that way. 🙂 Caleb wanted a little brother so bad but I kept telling him that we would probably have another little girl since he has so many girl cousins. But the little baby the size of a tomato showed us his gender without hesitation. Caleb recognized right away what was up on the screen… a little baby boy. He said “theres a peep!!” and the technician said “Its definitely a little boy!” Caleb started cheering and Ciara joined right in. The baby even waved and yawned at us. It was just magic! 🙂

The kids and I went to target and bought a little boy outfit. The plan was to put a gender specific outfit in a bag and when Daddy came home he could open the bag and see what gender the baby is! 🙂 SO much fun! Caleb picked out a little blue overall set, he knows how much we love overalls! Then the kids helped me wrap it and we waited for Daddy to come home! It was a giant celebration when Daddy found out! We are so excited for our new little addition.

Getting Ready for Santa

We made cookies for Santa and wrote him a letter. The kids decorated the cookies right before bed. Caleb’s writing skills are so great that he needed little help with his letter. This year we asked Santa to only bring stuff for their stocking so that he could concentrate on other children that are not as blessed as we are. Caleb wanted legos again this year. He got a huge police set. We had so many legos that it took all of Christmas day to put them all together. (maybe its cause Ben and I are not very good at legos 😉

Ciara wanted a doll house and got the loving family collection including a little minivan with twin babies. We were able to decorate our whole house this year with Christmas lights! Caleb found a 3 foot tall Christmas Yoda. We placed him next to our tree on a shelf. He guarded our presents and home very well. Our goal is to one day place him safely outside, maybe on the roof.

This year we were able do a secret Santa for a family. The kids and I Loved it! I don’t remember ever doing something like this before and it really was such a wonderful thing! We also visited the crush with Grandma Lori and Uncle Aaron. They had little dress up stuff to recreate the birth of Jesus. It seems a little lame but it was so much FUN! And a great way to get in the Christmas mood!