Getting Ready for the Party

Cousin Kaiah turned 3 in March and had a Alice and Wonderland tea party. We were asked to come dressed up for the occasion. We actually had a ton of fun with this. All morning we played with what to wear and then went to the party store to add some much needed accessories. We played around the party store for over an hour! Caleb picked out his own costume complete with freckles. Ben tied my favorite orange tie so it was super short, had matching bright orange suspenders to go over his pink shirt and an oversized pimp hat! We dressed Ciara in her new crazy bright pink dress and heart tights and her sparkly shoes. I put on some bunny ears that we had out for easter that matched perfect with my blue maternity shirt (30 weeks pregnant now!)

We went to Grandma Walkers house to visit and Grandma helped the kids put on some makeup for the party. Ciara LOVES to have makeup put on her. She held really still so Grandma could put eye shadow and lipstick on. And we tried to make her cheeks pink but it rubbed off pretty quick. Then we posed outside before going to the party.

The decorations were amazing at the party. I personally think Alice and Wonderland was a little on the weird side all growing up but this was just adorable! I loved the theme and we just had so much fun!

Baby Chicks!!

Because Spring is coming all the farm stores are selling baby chicks! I invited my mother to go with us to let the kids look at the baby chicks. Caleb fell in love with them! He begged me to get one. We live in a suburb, and we just got rid of our dog. We dont like animals. My mom on the other hand, coming from Idaho, misses the whole animal thing. She had an old rabbit cage at home and decided that she would keep these baby chicks at her house. Caleb almost died with excitement! He picked out 4 different kinds of chicks. I dont think Ciara knew what was really going on, but she asked lots of questions and pointed at the birds when they would eat or drink. Calebs favorite chick is a stripped one that is supposed to lay colored eggs. Pretty cool. He named it Cuddly. Every time Caleb would hold this bird he would fall asleep. Ciara was so much braver then I thought she would be. Grandma helped her hold a bird and pet them. She loved it. Caleb kept telling me how cute they are. This was just a fun day. Im glad my kids had an opportunity to hold baby chicks.

Sexy Man Beast!

Caleb is really turning into a stud muffin! Whats funny is that when he gets dressed or does something that he knows I will comment on he will either wink at me or give me a little smirk. I LOVE it! I love how confident he is! Uncle John put his hat on Caleb and of course the first thing he does is says “Mommy, look at me!” and then gives the smirk and winks!! I just love this kid!

We LOVE Books!

Every two to three weeks we have made it a tradition to go to the Orem Library and rent around 20 or so books to read before bedtime. My kids love picking out new books, and because we get so many we are learning so many new things! Ever since Caleb was a baby I would always read to him in a rocking chair, before I rocked with him for a few min and then he went to bed. We have kept this routine since. When Ciara was real little Daddy would just cuddle her while I read but now she is in totally apart of the bedtime routine and it works great to get her to sleep. Because Caleb is getting older and wants me to read more interesting books we usually save those for the last ones and Ciara falls asleep during them. Before the books made it upstairs to the rocking chair I caught little Ciara reading on the stairs. Almost every morning she will sit in the chair and look at a book she wants to read that night. I think this fun family time has really helped her vocabulary.

Just More Greatness

Some random pictures of all the fun we have. Its still cold outside but as soon as it hit 40 degrees and above we hit the park. Above is a pic of Ciara in the next size carseat. She still is a little to small for it but we tried it out.

 The kids favorite thing to do at the park is have me chase them around pretending that I will eat them. When I catch them I tickle till they cant breath. Ciara LOVES the twisty slides and swinging. Caleb loves to climb and run. Also there are a couple of pic of eating no bake cookies, which are Daddys favorite. We have gotten really good making them together.

Reptile Show at the Library

Our local library held a little reptile show. The speaker came from the Bean Life Science Museum in Provo. I guess the museum is under construction for now but he was out and about with a couple of reptiles to promote visitors when they open in the summer. He showed us a power point presentation and got the kids really involved. Throughout the presentation he showed the kids a couple of reptiles and different things like eggs and skins. Caleb and Ciara sat right up front. Caleb tried to answer every question. He was so excited and just loved it. Ciara followed her brother in everything. Every time he raised his hand she would do the same.

The kids got to vote on what animal they all had the chance to pet at the end of the presentation. They all wanted to touch the snake. Caleb did it, Ciara didnt want him to close so she just took a close look. The best part of the show was when the speaker was holding the snake, talking about some facts, when the snake pushed his way through the guys belt loop. The snake was to fat to fit all the way through so the speaker ended up having to cut his belt loop to get the snake free. The guy was really funny and cool about it, making jokes about his favorite pants. The snake tried to get into the second belt loop and up the mans shirt but was stopped in time. Very funny.

This little presentation made such an impression on Caleb that a week later he was playing with a friend and recreated the entire thing, including not being able to touch the snake (he has a huge stuffed snake) until after the show, one person at a time with only two fingers. He actually remembered lots of facts.