Dying Easter Eggs!

This is the first year we colored Easter eggs and used real dye. It wasnt as horrible as I imagined! We did have extra adults present with Uncle Josh and Aunt Jessica to help supervise. We colored 5 dozen eggs. Caleb enjoyed this the most I think because we kind of let him go crazy with it. I think its a great stinky tradition that we will continue from now on 🙂


A little brother and sister love! They have learned to play so well together! Caleb is so gentle when he plays with his sister and she is as rough as can be with him. I think in this picture you can just see how much she adores her big brother!

Park Time!

Caleb at the top!

We have the coolest park near us! Its called Neptune Park and its very modern. They have a huge climbing pyramid and is just amazing to watch the kids climb up. What was particularly great this day is Caleb’s determination. The last few summers I have tried to get him to hang onto the monkey bars as long as he could. Two years ago he could only hold for a few seconds and cried the whole time. Last summer he could hold on for 10 seconds each time. This spring he has worked up to 30 seconds but when we went to the park this time he actually started to swing and he grabbed the next bar! I was so proud of him! He was proud of himself as well, he tried for at least another half hour to do it again. Most of the time he fell to the ground but sometimes when he did it he would run over to me and give me a high five! I was cheering and screaming for him so loud, I started tearing up I was just so proud! Whats crazy is that he did all this after being teased by other kids. He found two older kids to play with and they said the monkey bars were so easy. They went across them many times in front of Caleb. But Caleb said “Well for me this is great!” And he picked himself up and tried his hardest! He wasnt feeling sorry for himself that he couldnt do all of them, he was just trying, and he knew he had gotten stronger! I hope he never loses this determination! He is my hero! I am just so proud!

First Fishing Trip of the Year

The lake near our home is low and the little island that we have access to has a longer path to explore so we went on a family fishing adventure. We didnt catch anything this time but it was good practice. Instead we took in the beauty of our neighborhood and Ben taught the kids how to skip rocks across the water. Caleb actually got really good at it. Ciara had fun reeling in the fishing poles.

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Every year our neighborhood holds a easter egg hunt and its huge. We have missed it every year but this one and it was lots of fun! The older group kids it only lasted seconds. Ciara made out like a bandit with her eggs. But I think she had more practice at egg hunting then the others. There were plenty for the young ones. I didnt realize how many kids were Calebs age in our neighborhood. Once they cut the ribbon the egg hunt lasted about 30 seconds and Caleb was only able to catch 4 eggs. One egg he had to fight for by tackling the egg. He came back to me with dirt on his face. But his sister happily shared. They had an Easter bunny come and give all the kids suckers. Caleb walked up and got one but Ciara was terrified. She kept screaming. And for the next couple days she told everyone how she is scared of the big Easter bunny. Kaiah came over and told Ciara that the Easter bunny is nice but Ciara disagreed, she said “No I saw him, he is white and big!” Cutest thing ever!

Tracy Aviary

We took a trip to the Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake for the first time. The weather was great and we were antsy to get outside! The kids kind of ran through it but it was fun to just get out. What was cool is its location, its in Liberty Park which is amazing! We actually spent over an hour at the park after we rushed through the bird exhibit. Calebs favorite bird was the tropical ones, they were loud and located in a heated building. We spent the most time at this exhibit just listening to the strange calls these birds made. Ben seemed to really like the bald eagle. Ciara of course loved the pink flamingos! The kids also stocked a couple of peacocks. They were all over the park. A couple were even on top of a building talking to each other. We had lots of laughs and it was a good experience.