Little Sahara Visit

We were feeling a bit cooped up so we decided to play at the sand dunes at the Little Sahara in Utah. What fun!!! Who knew that miles of sand could be so much fun! It was perfect weather, not to hot that the sand would burn your feet. It got a little windy right before we left and it started to sprinkle but it made for a nice drive home. We all climbed up hills of sand and ran down. Whats cool about that is when you run down you can catch some major air without hurting yourself. So much fun!!

We got free frisbees from the rangers and the first thing Caleb did was lay in the sand and made a sand angel, Ben used the frisbee to make the halo. Perfect angel. Ciara found a little shovel that she played with but her favorite thing was sliding down the hills. When we got home we could have filled buckets with the sand in our clothes.

Curtis’s 2 Month Checkup

Curtis is now 2 months old!! He weighs 11 and a half pounds! That seems huge to me but he is 33% in height and weight. The table they had me lay him on had a mirror that he could look at himself in. As soon as I laid him on there he started kicking like crazy! He just loved it! He was laughing and talking and his feet were going crazy!

Carnival 2013

Caleb rode huge rides at Lagoon but when it comes to the Carnival he turns into a sissy. We went with Grandma Walker to the Pleasant Grove Carnival and he wouldn’t ride any of the “big” rides. Instead he enjoyed the farris wheel with Grandma and the large slide. He pretended to have fun on the baby rides… silly boy. Ciara had never been on a ferris wheel before and LOVED it! She was waving so hard for me to see her every time she went around! She squealed loudly. Grandma also rode down the large slide with her.

Ciara had so much fun that she didn’t want to leave. She started crying for Caleb to carry her to the car so he did but not without making fun of her crying. Which made both of them start laughing.

Master Splinter

We were visiting in Midway and Grandma took the kids out to play on the playground near by. All was well until Caleb came down the slide and said his butt hurt. At first Grandma thought he bumped it or something but he kept complaining about it. So they came back and Daddy checked out his bottom. He found a huge splinter stuck in Calebs butt cheek. It was so deep that when we tried to pull it out it wouldnt budge. This caused lots of pain so we went to the Emergency Room. 

Im so glad we went in! The splinter was huge!! They had to give Caleb a local anesthetic to make his butt cheek numb. The doctor had to slice open the skin around the splinter to get it out. Needless to say Caleb was terrified at first but his Daddy was there making him giggle. I know Ben is a fantastic Dad but its moments like this that I am so overwhelmed at how lucky we are to have him, as a husband and father. Caleb and Bens relationship was rough at first but now Caleb wanted Bens comfort over mine. Daddy talked him down and they came out of that hospital room laughing. Its hard to watch your baby be cut open, I cant imagine mothers who have kids that have serious injuries. 
A few days later I started calling Caleb Master Splinter. 🙂 His butt healed but this will be a memory I will always keep close.

Playing in the Pool

I bought a little kiddy pool for when we cant go to the big pool. The kids love it more then I thought. We took it to Grandpa Walkers house and played hard! Whats funny is they had the most fun when I sprayed them with the hose. We did this for over 2 hours! Once the baby got hungry, and he didnt like the mist, I gave the hose to the kids and they took turns spraying each other. Then they got a running start and started doing cannon balls into the small pool. Love these kids!

The next day we went to a splash park in Harriman  We have actually experienced lots of splash parks recently and we love them!! The cutest thing that happened was when they got into the van and started teasing each other. They got to giggling and it was adorable!!!

Brotherly Love

Caleb is my biggest helper. Every morning Caleb holds little Curtis while I shower and do chores. He comes in my room and asks to hold him every morning. Then throughout the day he holds him. I have never seen such love from a sibling like Caleb loves his little brother. He is sad when Curtis is sad and he laughs when Curtis laughs. I think they will be great friends. Curtis is so lucky to have Caleb for an older brother.