Halloween 2013

Halloween was so amazing this year! We ended up hosting a Halloween party. A huge group of friends came over for dinner and then we all went trick or treating around our neighborhood as a very large group. The older kids ended up running way ahead of us which worked out great! We had 5 older kids that ran ahead but stayed together. While the moms and little ones took our time and talked. Seriously I dont know why this is the first time we did this! It was great! 

Caleb had a school parade that Caleb attacked him to give him a hug when he walked by us. Ciara was so excited to see him and proud that he was her big brother. All the Moms around me said “Awww” all at the same time as they watched her hug her brother so hard and not let go. 

Costumes were fun this year! Ben was a creepy kitty while I was a puppy dog. Caleb chose to be a red ninja and Ciara was the pink power ranger. 

Her best friend came to the party and she was also a pink power ranger. They ran around the house with buckets on their heads. I found a little giraffe outfit for Curtis and it was very warm. He ended up sleeping the whole time trick or treating. 

Instead of carving pumpkin we decided to paint our pumpkins this year because the kids really wanted to be involved in the process and they loved it so much more! Painting was less messy and stinky. Ciara’s pumpkin ended up being one pink ball of glitter while Calebs had a few faces on it. My favorite was the one with big black eyebrows that looked evil. 

We also did carmel apples this year which was great! We did buy the pre done thing where you just melt the already circle carmel over the apple and stick a popsicle stick in it. It was the first time I ever ate a carmel apple. Yummy. The kids liked it to… but Im pretty sure they just picked off the carmel part. 

We also went to a little park to do some trick or treating Business a tent area. That was fun. I just love  our little family! 

Ciara’s First Field Trip… Pumpkin Patch

My mom and Curtis and I went with Ciara to her first field trip to the pumpkin patch with her class. The had some great pumpkins, a corn maze and a great play ground for the kids to play on. We met up with her best friend from class, Brinlee, and the girls just had a blast together. They had lots of head cut outs that Ciara couldn’t get enough of.

I think Ciara’s favorite part about this was walking through and taking pictures of all the neat things in the field. They had huge sunflowers, bigger then my head and a huge walk through strawberry patch that went over your head. We looked at different squash and pumpkins.

Mustache Ciara

Ciara had to go to the doctors for a check up. After the checkup they gave her a little coin to pick a little trinket toy. Out of all the little girly things and stickers she picked a mustache. But it ended up not being a big black mustache but a blonde one. We had fun with this thing for days!!! I love it!!!

 When Ciara told Daddy to put it on it went from being cute and totally funny to creepy and strange! Daddy…. you cant pull this look off. Your daughter… maybe?

Caleb Turns 7!!!

Yep… 7 years old. My first little baby. I remember when my water broke, I thought I was to young to be having a baby. To soon. And that thought has not changed, I am still to young to have this little man. He is my rock. As much as I have taught him he has taught me.

This year we had a little family cake eating with a Halloween cake he picked out and then we invited some friends out to play laser tag and the arcade. It was so much fun! This kid is seriously fun with everything but put him in an area made to have fun and everyone around is bound to have a great time! Seriously lots of laughs.

Caleb is big into minecraft this year. His school got him hooked on this game. You go around and build stuff, or destroy it. He also really likes bionicles which is a form of legos. He loves BYU and football. He gets up every morning on his own to get up for school. He wakes up at 7 when his alarm goes off and gets himself ready. He is also a great helper with his sister and brother. I dont know how I would run this household without his help. He makes me laugh every single day. 🙂

Girls Night Out!! And BYU GAME!!!

To celebrate Caleb’s great season of flag football Ben bought BYU football tickets to get Caleb excited for the next year. It was his first for real game! Daddy bought him a big blue #1 finger, a hot dog and some nachos and they settled in to watch BYU play “Mommy’s Team” BSU.

BYU started out with bang and Daddy knew it would be a good game. He and Caleb were cheering so loud that Ben came home without a voice and didn’t get it back for a week.

This turned out to be a super game to take Caleb to because now he is a True Blue BYU fan! This has made one proud Daddy.

I bought the boys matching shirts and Caleb LOVED this! He loves his Dad so much! Whats funny is they are one size different. Hehe

While the boys were out Ciara and I had a girls night! We played for a while just us while Grandma watched Curtis. Then we went out and got our hair done! We got it cut and fluffed. Then we went out for frozen yogurt. Seriously I love this little girl. My favorite thing in the whole world is her little kisses and her tight hugs. She is so loving and sweet when she wants to be.

Flag Football!

Caleb’s first year with flag football and he rocked it!!! His first game he ran in the 2 point conversion after their first touchdown… and yeah that was the first play. He was significantly bigger then all the other kids but he totally rocked pulling those flags. It was so funny when he said “Those little buggers are fast!” Ben was the assistant coach and he did great!

Caleb played for American Fork this year. Each game was held at Art Dye Park. We won all but 3 games. It was so much fun! What I think is the best it that defense came naturally to Caleb. He liked running in the ball but it was natural to go after the person with the ball. He is built for this sport! We are so proud of him! Cant wait for tackle, He is going to rock!!! Ciara got to practice her cheerleading skills. She attended every game to cheer her big brother on!

Baby’s Got A Brand New Car!

Fresh off the lot!!! Ben picked this car not only for the amazing gas milage to help him get to his new job for cheap but also in style with its totally ridiculously huge BYU tribute on the side. He gets looked at in this baby. Oh yeah 🙂 P.S. We never drive north anymore due to the Utes. Share the LOVE peeps!

A Trip Down To the Lake

Before it got to cold we walked down to the lake that is near our house. They have done lots of cleaning up down there and it is amazing! Its one huge thing I love about where we live. We can see the whole Wasatch front. It is beautiful. Ciara was having a hard time this day and was totally attached to Daddy. I just love my husband.