Kindergarten Graduation!

Mrshansen13256514_10153543006101301_3947184679618950752_nLittle Ms. Ciara has graduated Kindergarten. She is one of the youngest in her class but she is right where she needs to be. Her Teacher Mrs. Hansen is just super nice. We love her, she helped Ciara fit right in since we moved in the middle of the school year. She also made lots of new friends at this new school including Hazel, Marie, Ashely and Jimmer.13245493_10153543005646301_6484598312559885963_n



Her favorite thing to do for fun is playing on the monkey bars, riding your bike, and be outside. She likes writing her letters and she likes to read from the library. Her favorite subject she learned this year was about earth science, like rocks and plants and trees. Her favorite color is pink, blue and purple. Her favorite song is “Better when I’m dancing” by Meghan Trainer. Her favorite show is Johnny Test on Netflix.


H13237831_10153543004801301_1730165571282291402_ner graduation performance was great, she sang about the days of the week, the month names and knowing how special and great she is. Afterwards Ben and I and Curtis took her our to Dennys where she ate pizza and ice cream.


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