Payne family hobbies

I wanted to share our time as a family. Here is a picture of my husband with the kids during dinner. We share one great thing and one not so great thing ab
out our day. During football season its hard for our family to have sit down meals and I am so grateful for when we are able to do this. These kids are my life.


Caleb is signed up for Pokemon club after school and he LOVES it! I recently got him a binder with the sleeves for each card and it pretty much goes everywhere with him. The club is really great for him because he can hang out with kids his same age and talk all things Pokemon. I think its hard for Mom and Dad to talk about these silly little creatures forever. Sometimes, since its winter and awfully snowy we will all get in the van with different tablets and go for a drive to play Pokemon go as a family. Curtis absolutely loves when we catch Pokemon as a family.

Ciara likes to watch youtube videos of DIY art projects. My favorite one we made so far is a gennie bottle as a night light where we just painted an old glass bottle, added gems to it and then added a little light inside. She is obsessed with this night light. She recently found a lady who paints squishy little characters from a sponge. This seemed out of my limits because Im not much of an artist. But we did it anyway. She is pretty happy with it. We decided to do a shopkin.

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Curtis is really into video games recently. He was obsessed with Disney Infinity and loved getting all the characters but they have discontinued it. Curtis was heart broken. Then we got the Skylanders Imaginators and he LOVES it! Its all he asked for for his Christmas. They didnt have his favorite character in the states for Christmas so Ben ordered him as soon as he was available. Its all Curtis can talk about. He loves all his characters.

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