Dugway Geode Beds

We were recently hiking when Ciara asked if we could find geodes. I didnt know what she was talking about. The next weekend we were discussing what we wanted to do when Ciara again asked if we could go out and find some geodes.  Both her and Caleb have been learning about them at school. Ben found a place called Dugway geode beds. Its quite a drive in literally the middle of nowhere. But it was great time together. I didnt know that you could just find these things as easily as we did.


The kids packed hammers and shovels. They were able to explore and found tons and tons of these beautiful rocks. We have had so much rain recently that there were little puddles that were filled with tadpoles. Caleb caught a bunch and saved some by putting them into a larger puddle.

On the long drive home we were stopped by a huge herd of wild horses. They were coming to get a drink next to the road at a spring which ran parallel to the dirt road. There were at least 50 of them and they let us drive right up to them. I loved the baby horses, they were so fluffy!

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