Thank You Universe

Today has been a very humbling day. Ciara has had a belly ache for a couple days but today has been the worst of it. We both woke up to her throwing up, I don’t think she has a bug but more likely her teeth coming in. She likes to chew on my shirt and the sleeve of her coat. My mother told me that I ran high fevers and had experiences the quick step whenever I got new teeth. So she is miserable.

Ben has had some trouble with a co-worker which he worked out some problems with today. A little heart to heart talk proved to help their issues. There is also a better position open in the company which would be a great opportunity. We talked about all the benefits we receive with Xango and it seems to be a sad thought to live without them. He will be applying for that position. This job may have better potential then we thought.

Caleb had a great day. First he played with his grandpa who came to visit, then he visited a friends house (Jacob) who he hasn’t seen in a while. He loves to make up stories recently, especially about bad or scary dreams. I find myself trying to get a word in when he is around.

With my parents coming to visit (they now live in Orem) I had company which always makes me happy. My mom and I played a dance game on the wii. It is the most fun I have had in a long time. I plan on doing it again. All in all I found today as a humbling day with family and friends. 🙂

PS let it be known that I hate when Ben has to stay late for work. Seems like he is gone FOREVER! Glad the weekend is coming up 🙂

PPS Thank you Universe for all the wonderful people and great things we  have (especially my mac) and all the opportunities that always fall into our lap!

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