Little Sahara Visit

We were feeling a bit cooped up so we decided to play at the sand dunes at the Little Sahara in Utah. What fun!!! Who knew that miles of sand could be so much fun! It was perfect weather, not to hot that the sand would burn your feet. It got a little windy right before we left and it started to sprinkle but it made for a nice drive home. We all climbed up hills of sand and ran down. Whats cool about that is when you run down you can catch some major air without hurting yourself. So much fun!!

We got free frisbees from the rangers and the first thing Caleb did was lay in the sand and made a sand angel, Ben used the frisbee to make the halo. Perfect angel. Ciara found a little shovel that she played with but her favorite thing was sliding down the hills. When we got home we could have filled buckets with the sand in our clothes.

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