Master Splinter

We were visiting in Midway and Grandma took the kids out to play on the playground near by. All was well until Caleb came down the slide and said his butt hurt. At first Grandma thought he bumped it or something but he kept complaining about it. So they came back and Daddy checked out his bottom. He found a huge splinter stuck in Calebs butt cheek. It was so deep that when we tried to pull it out it wouldnt budge. This caused lots of pain so we went to the Emergency Room. 

Im so glad we went in! The splinter was huge!! They had to give Caleb a local anesthetic to make his butt cheek numb. The doctor had to slice open the skin around the splinter to get it out. Needless to say Caleb was terrified at first but his Daddy was there making him giggle. I know Ben is a fantastic Dad but its moments like this that I am so overwhelmed at how lucky we are to have him, as a husband and father. Caleb and Bens relationship was rough at first but now Caleb wanted Bens comfort over mine. Daddy talked him down and they came out of that hospital room laughing. Its hard to watch your baby be cut open, I cant imagine mothers who have kids that have serious injuries. 
A few days later I started calling Caleb Master Splinter. 🙂 His butt healed but this will be a memory I will always keep close.

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