Park Time!

Caleb at the top!

We have the coolest park near us! Its called Neptune Park and its very modern. They have a huge climbing pyramid and is just amazing to watch the kids climb up. What was particularly great this day is Caleb’s determination. The last few summers I have tried to get him to hang onto the monkey bars as long as he could. Two years ago he could only hold for a few seconds and cried the whole time. Last summer he could hold on for 10 seconds each time. This spring he has worked up to 30 seconds but when we went to the park this time he actually started to swing and he grabbed the next bar! I was so proud of him! He was proud of himself as well, he tried for at least another half hour to do it again. Most of the time he fell to the ground but sometimes when he did it he would run over to me and give me a high five! I was cheering and screaming for him so loud, I started tearing up I was just so proud! Whats crazy is that he did all this after being teased by other kids. He found two older kids to play with and they said the monkey bars were so easy. They went across them many times in front of Caleb. But Caleb said “Well for me this is great!” And he picked himself up and tried his hardest! He wasnt feeling sorry for himself that he couldnt do all of them, he was just trying, and he knew he had gotten stronger! I hope he never loses this determination! He is my hero! I am just so proud!

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