Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Every year our neighborhood holds a easter egg hunt and its huge. We have missed it every year but this one and it was lots of fun! The older group kids it only lasted seconds. Ciara made out like a bandit with her eggs. But I think she had more practice at egg hunting then the others. There were plenty for the young ones. I didnt realize how many kids were Calebs age in our neighborhood. Once they cut the ribbon the egg hunt lasted about 30 seconds and Caleb was only able to catch 4 eggs. One egg he had to fight for by tackling the egg. He came back to me with dirt on his face. But his sister happily shared. They had an Easter bunny come and give all the kids suckers. Caleb walked up and got one but Ciara was terrified. She kept screaming. And for the next couple days she told everyone how she is scared of the big Easter bunny. Kaiah came over and told Ciara that the Easter bunny is nice but Ciara disagreed, she said “No I saw him, he is white and big!” Cutest thing ever!

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