Random Little Silliness

Caleb gave me this sad face to win himself some ice cream after dinner, needless to say it worked. The second pic is when we discovered that we could color on our skin with crayons. Both kids have evil mustaches and eye brows. The third picture is of Caleb trying to save his shirt from getting food on it. A belly is just as good as a bib right?

These are random pictures of my little princess.

Ciara singing in the car! I Love this!!!

Ciara fell asleep in the swing. Her most favorite thing in the world to do is swing. Ben found a dead fish in our fish tank but couldn’t find the net to fish him out. So he found one of the kids toys. It worked great! But what was funny was that the alive fish were freaking out when they say this giant dinosaur head coming into their home. We said “Watch out!! Its Godzilla!!!”

The last picture is when Ciara wasnt feeling well so she fell asleep in our bed next to her Daddy. 🙂

This is Ciara’s new trundle bed with her new confronter set!

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