It’s a BOY!!

Belly shot from the top

I took the kids with my 19 week ultrasound. Daddy had to work so he couldn’t come but it ended up being more fun that way. 🙂 Caleb wanted a little brother so bad but I kept telling him that we would probably have another little girl since he has so many girl cousins. But the little baby the size of a tomato showed us his gender without hesitation. Caleb recognized right away what was up on the screen… a little baby boy. He said “theres a peep!!” and the technician said “Its definitely a little boy!” Caleb started cheering and Ciara joined right in. The baby even waved and yawned at us. It was just magic! 🙂

The kids and I went to target and bought a little boy outfit. The plan was to put a gender specific outfit in a bag and when Daddy came home he could open the bag and see what gender the baby is! 🙂 SO much fun! Caleb picked out a little blue overall set, he knows how much we love overalls! Then the kids helped me wrap it and we waited for Daddy to come home! It was a giant celebration when Daddy found out! We are so excited for our new little addition.

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