School Halloween Party

Calebs school held an after school Halloween party complete with a cake walk, pumpkin carving contests and a kick butt DJ with crazy awesome lights. Both kids won free ice creams from Arctic Circle for having such great dance moves.
Caleb went back and forth on what he wanted to be (at first he wanted to be a zombie then a Frankenstin) but when we were at the party store he saw the Roman stuff and loved it! So Caleb is a Roman solider this year. He calls himself a Roman Death Solider!

I picked out Ciara’s costume last month. She is a cute little strawberry. And when she runs her little fluff around her bum bounces up and down. Her costume totally fits her. She wanted to be a princess but when she put on her strawberry she decided she looked great. Im sure Mommy crying and saying how adorable she is had nothing to do with it. 🙂 Love my kids!

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