Giant Bubble Bathtub

Ciara is obsessed with bubbles recently. Everyday she asks me for bubbles. We happen to be out of bubbles today and while I was cleaning the pool I realized I could make a giant bubble bath. I know, really simple, but the idea just never came till now. I used the kids tear free shampoo and a little Palmolive dish soap (which counteracts the tear free, but it wasn’t bubbly enough for me) and the kids went to town. We ended up washing the slide and everything was super slippery and fun. This simple change to our pool kept my kids busy for over 2 hours. What was cool is the change in bubble side with how hard or far away the hose was. The kids also liked to throw bubble balls around.

We ended up putting them up on the tramp and jumping and rolling around in them. At first I didn’t really want to get all that wet but Caleb went down the slide super fast and it sloshed soapy water all over me! So.. there were no excuses, I got in. Ciara kept laughing so hard at everything. She loves everything to do with bubbles, and she was covered in them. We had lots of fun. I love to see my kids play so hard and so well together.

This was a great activity for us today because I was feeling a little down. We have spent the day together and it has just cheered me right up. I LOVE my kids!!

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