Sunday Family Get-together

Every Sunday we make it a tradition to go see Ben’s parents in Heber. (Im sure I have mentioned this but yeah..) We had an extra treat since Braxton, Aarons son was visiting. We brought lots of our toys so the kids could play. I loved how happy Braxton seemed to be for this visit. The Kids got along just great! Everyone was pretty happy.

 We wanted to have a choice of what meal to eat. So we made nachos with guacamole and pho with pot stickers. It was so yummy. We found some ramen style pho packets so it was really easy to make. So we had a feast fit for kings 🙂

Jeff looked so nice, he was feeling well enough to go to church so I snapped some pictures with him and the boys. I think my favorite part of the day was wrestling with my Caleb and husband. I showed Caleb how to arm wrestle. I couldn’t stop giggling. We also played thumb wars. Caleb is a lot of fun to play with. He is a buff kid! Then I wrestled Ben and I laughed the hardest. For such a little man he is super strong! Lets just say, Im super impressed.
Grandma did her nails while we were there. She also painted Ciaras nails. Then Ciara took a grey color and hid, then painted all of her hands and face. Looked like she had a little stash and a grey tear. Then Grandma had to take off the polish which was the not fun part.

Another great visit with the family. I was also able to see my mama before the weekend, and she just looked so pretty! 🙂

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