Visiting Tintic Utah!

The mine hole we found
Looking for lizards
Ciara wanting some water
poured on her head

When we woke up this morning we didn’t know what we were going to do. Ben suggested to go rock hunting. I asked him to call his Dad to get advice on a good place. He suggested Eureka Utah. So we packed up the kids and headed out. We found the Tintic District, and its fascinating! First we explored around. It looks like there was some work going on in mines but we took a dirt path down and hiked for a while. We actually found a covered mine hole that was amazing! We threw rocks down it and we were all amazed at how deep it was. We actually never heard the rocks hit the bottom! (It was covered by a fence by steel wire for safety) We later found out that the whole town is above a hallow mine! Ben actually threw a rock down on the ground to break it into a smaller one and you could hear a hollow thud. We all really wanted to learn more about these mines. We didn’t find any good rocks and Ciara became a little fussy so we got back in the car and drove back to town.
Then we came to a museum, and it was open! This city’s main street was just… I can’t even describe it. You could see untold stories from these old buildings! They were the original buildings from the late 1800s! The guy at the museum was actually born and raised in the small town and knew tons of stuff about it. Whats sad is I guess the government has come in and removed a foot and a half of top soil along with any
collectible rock. This towns history can be seen on the faces of the buildings and the large mountains of crumbled rock from the mine.

We saw the original city hall, fire station, jail, and an original house made of wood and mud from 1865! We were able to walk through this and the kids just loved it. It was so great to step outside our city life style and take a breath to the old, quiet times. These people worked hard for their money. It was very humbling. Inside the house they had a bear blanket, home made broom, a wood burning stove… it just brought us back to where we came from. (It really made me home sick for Gooding, yeah I never thought I would say that!) Outside the house there were two funny fake graves complete with silly head stones and shoes sticking up from the ground. We also talked with an older guy who had bought one of the first cars, with wooden rims and everything. He was restoring it. He told us all the looks he would get when he drove it up and down the town. How neat!

The museum had original pictures of what the town looked like! I think this was my favorite part! They had a picture of four miners standing outside the city hall, with dirty faces and a dirt road. I told Caleb how it looked like those cowboy movies. They also had samples of the rock that could be found there before they removed everything. I would love to do some research on the town and go back to learn more! The kids didn’t want to leave!!! It was totally like a vacation, we got to go back in time!

On the way home we found an abandoned railroad. We hiked down to it and I took some pictures of my beautiful family! Then Daddy and Caleb tried to catch a lizard. They were everywhere! Ciara and I pulled the car closer to them and Caleb didn’t want to leave so bad that he said he would stay in the desert with his Daddy and catch lizards everyday! We learned so much!!! It was a perfect Day!!!

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