Party and hopeful Parties

 We celebrated Bens second cousin first birthday. Azucena is a beautiful little toddler. The party was themed on that caterpillar book, with all the snacks from the book and a cupcakes shaped into a caterpillar. Super cute! I love family gatherings, especially parties! All the cousins ran around, played with chalk and dolls.

The birthday party was held at the multipurpose building in the BYU married housing department. I have actually never seen that area so it was neat. They are such a beautiful family!

Before the birthday party Ben and I decided that we needed to make some goals. With Bens new job we will be able to change our finances a lot. With lots of sacrifice for about a year we will be able to undue all the damage from Ben getting laid off. We all know how difficult it is to not spend extra money when you see it… so we decided to find something that we really want to work toward. Ben will be driving a lot farther to work now (really next week… cause has a week left at his old job) and we both loved our saab that we had when we were first married. We decided we want to one day lease a sports car. We drove around with the kids until we came to a orange scion. It is beautiful. Ben and I both believe that you have to know what you want before you can get it. All of us sat in the car. Ciara even tried out the drivers seat. Then Ben took it for a test drive… and I think he now has the motivation to pay off debt as soon as possible. We will be putting a picture of this car in our room as a reminder of our real goal. (We also have budgeted a couple of vacations in 2 years, but we can’t really look at that every day.) So I thought I would also add it to our blog, to remind us of where we want to be. Sounds foolish… especially because we do have children, but it would be a fun commuter car and a great date night ride! (And for a smoking hot sports car this little thing is only $25,000 so its affordable!)

The kids actually had a great time at the dealership. After looking at the nice cars they had a pirate ship that the kids could climb in and play on! It was really neat! I pretended I was a sea monster, Ciara would yell “Monster!” and I would grab at their feet through the windows. Then, if I sunk the ship Caleb would “swim” over to a little raft they had. It was actually lots of fun! Ciara also found a little girl to run up and down the boat with and play blocks. Then we got free hot dogs and popcorn. Goal setting is so much fun!!! Caleb was rooting for Ben the whole time to pick the nicest car he could find. Ben and Caleb have really strengthened their relationship!

2 thoughts on “Party and hopeful Parties”

  1. Hee hee, I was going to say the same thing, Jessica! 😀 And that car is GORGEOUS. I love the color!

    And apparently you never got the Wymount map. I got an error message back last night saying it couldn’t go through. Weird.

    Would you be so kind as to e-mail me the pictures you took from the party? I love some of your shots!

    Thanks again for coming!

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